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This photographic survey and the practice that has developed from it concerns my interest in the landscape content of a 15th Century Venetian painting, St Francis in Ecstasy by Giovanni Bellini and my desire to understand how its was made. 


How and why the landscape genre should emerge in Venice has intrigued me since I first wrote my thesis on the evolution of the landscape genre in the work of Giovanni Bellini and explored the possibility that Bellini’s process of conceiving landscape imagery may have involved a number of visual methodologies, including journeys to landscapes outside of Venice.


The act of tracing these journeys and observing the landscapes which Bellini may have engaged with is explored through this survey and practice has developed to include Film, AR and Concept Planting to engage audiences wit the places I propose may be related to the painting. 

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11th September 2012

san marco

9th October 2017




24th October 2017