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Fragmenting practice, Gathering learning

Read about my practice development, current work and teaching method


Bellini's Landscapes

Why in the 1500s did the most significant developments in Landscape Painting occur in Venice, a city surrounded by water with no immediate access to landscape? Giovanni Bellini's paintings can tell us a lot about how the landscape genre emerged in early Renaissance Venice. This paper examines the visual methods he may have used to conceive of landscape in his painting, at a time when the subject could only be considered secondary to religious subjects

innate or found?

This paper is a comparative analysis of two prominent theories of learning, Realism and Rationalism. I critique each theory in relation to the other and use my practice as a means of reflecting and diffracting each theory. I discuss the ancient origin of these theories within the work of Aristotle and Plato and consider the contemporary relevancy of their theories on art and forms to creative post-graduate education

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