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Where did I go?

Back to ASOLO in 2017. My photographic survey of the Dolomite foot hills and mountains in 2015 confirmed to me that Bellini's distant landscape is specific to a low lying foothills landscape in dialogue with a fortressed hill town environment. My survey of Asolo in 2012 supports the argument that the viewpoint from the Rocca is significant for the way it described a similar landscape terrain described in the distance of the St Francis painting, but I was not completely satisfied that I had found the right view. If Bellini describes a variety of landscapes from low and distant view points, what of the horizon in his picture space and does his point of perspective help locate us in a particular landscape environment in dialogue with the townscape? Bellini shows us a bell tower in his fortress and we know there is a bell tower at Asolo, within Queen Caterina Connaro's castle which I had yet to explore. Please click on the painting sections below to explore what I found. 

What did I find?
The blue hill.jpg
Tilled earth.jpg
Ivy leaved toad flax, Asolo 2107.jpg
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