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Where did I go?

ASOLO: My interest in Richard Turner’s proposition that Bellini references the Dolomite foothills in the St Francis painting took me to the foothills of the Veneto in September 2012 when I explored Asolo. This was the first journey I made for this project, traveling from Venice to Asolo by train and then by bus. Travelling by bus is not the best way to see the arrangement of the town which sits beautifully within the foothills landscape; far better to take a car which when driven from Venice or Treviso, gives you a superb view of the town as you approach it from the south. Despite this, I have always felt strongly that my thinking about this project should not be limited by travel constraints. For this kind of work your legs, your eyes and your camera are your most valuable equipment. In order to understand Bellini's looking strategies I had to start looking, in this case from the bottom of the hill where the bus dropped me. Please scroll down to see what I found. 


What did I find?

White flower, Asolo.jpg
Asolo hill section, 2012.jpg
Lower townscape, fortified section - Aso
Asolo hill section, 2012.jpg
St Francis in Ecstasy.jpg
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